PHOTO | A photo from the 70s has set the region on fire, everyone is mesmerized by the women in it

Photo: Printscreen/Facebook/Nostalgia

On the popular Facebook page "Nostalgia" a photo from the 70s of the last century has been published, which really evokes nostalgia and testifies to the aesthetics of a time, and how fashion is actually circular and how variable and changing the standards of beauty are.

The photo quickly went viral, garnering thousands of likes and hundreds of shares and comments, and most agree on one thing – women used to be prettier.

In the photo, we see several young, good-natured women in pieces that were extremely fashionable at the time - short skirts with large pleats, colorful shirts, as well as details in the form of pearls and silk scarves.

What particularly caught the eye were their shoes – if you know anything about fashion, then you know that the identical model is at the peak of popularity right now. Namely, shoes with platforms by Valentino are incredibly reminiscent of these, and it is a model that has driven all lovers of trends crazy. They also wear them with socks, which is also a trend that has been worn for several seasons, although it is often contested.

However, more than fashion, social media users were interested in the beauty standards of this period, which of course differ significantly from those that prevail today.

"Naturally beautiful girls and nicely dressed", "This is how all women looked then - measured and beautiful", "Extremely natural and feminine", "They were much more beautiful than today's girls who only wear expensive and "branded" clothes", "More beautiful than today and much more elegant…”, “They were really beautiful compared to today's. As if they all came out of the same mold...", "Beautiful and without silicones", "I would like to see such natural women today", "Imagine these ladies in tracksuits - don't go", are some of the numerous comments.


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