PHOTO | One detail caught the eye: Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck seen together after divorce rumors

Photo: / The Image Direct / Profimedia

Rumors of a divorce Jennifer Lopez (54) and Ben Affleck (51) are getting louder, and the American media reported that the actor has already moved out of their shared home.

The paparazzi have now filmed the couple in a car, and one detail has caused suspicion among fans.

Namely, the photo shows Ben holding a mobile phone in his hand, and the screen shows a photo of the singer with the inscription "Jennifer Affleck".

Photo: / The Image Direct / Profimedia

Fans believe it was a set-up as the actor's mobile phone screen showed an incoming call from the singer, which makes no sense as she was sitting next to him in the car.

Some of them are convinced that the singer deliberately called her husband at the moment when the photographers were filming them to show that everything is fine.

Photo: BACKGRID / Backgrid USA / Profimedia

As a reminder, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck met on the set of "Gigli" in late 2001. They started their love affair around the middle of 2002 and as a couple received a lot of publicity. Because they were a favorite couple of the public, they were referred to as "Benifer" in the media.

Lopez first announced her engagement to the actor in November 2002, when Affleck gave her a six-carat pink diamond ring worth $1.200.000. Unfortunately, they canceled the wedding that was planned for September 14, 2003, and in early 2004 they announced the end of their engagement.

According to many, the video for the song "Jenny from the Block" by Jennifer Lopez, which also features Ben Affleck, is legendary and represents an important segment of American pop music from that period.

They got married for the second time in July 2022 in Las Vegas.

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