PHOTO | Dina Jashari: "This time last year, I would not have believed that this would happen to me"

Photo: Instagram/ dinqee

Dina Jashari she made us proud and happy again that we have a rare "diamond" like her on the music scene. The last in the series of successes is the guest performance in Zagreb, at the jubilee concert of the Croatian band. Elemental, which celebrated its 25 years of existence on the regional music scene.



Photo: Instagram/ matea.lac

The performance was on Saturday, and the impressions have not subsided yet. When we agreed on a short statement, she said that it was impossible to express her emotions and impressions in a short statement. We convey all the excitement and impressions of Dina to you in full.

"Last year in March, I had my first performance outside of Macedonia, in Belgrade to a full house in the "Youth Home", at the "Contact Festival". As a duo, together with Luka Toshev we presented my music, and after us Elemental played.

Now, on June 3, together with the whole band (Luka, Stefan, Simeon, Dragan and Sara), we were invited to open the anniversary concert - 25 years of Elemental's existence in Šalata, Zagreb.

This time last year, I would not have believed that this would happen to me. I have pictures and videos that somewhat capture the atmosphere. We played during the sunset, the colors along with the songs flowed from blue to pink, purple, orange…

The experience was magical, the audience grew larger and louder with each subsequent song. I noticed that there were people singing the songs from start to finish. The audience was open to listening and enjoying the music in the moment, even though they may not have understood the lyrics, I got the impression that they were enjoying it.

Each of the musicians had their own solo moment and were supported with applause and admiration. We were also accompanied by our technicians Eric, Trippe and Kirca, who bring with them a special audio-visual experience, enriching the music and making the big picture of what is happening on stage. I am surrounded by wonderful, talented people who make possible everything I have imagined and even more.

I am very happy that Elemental invited us to be part of such an important and great event, these are memories that remain in the memory and are of great importance.

An exciting summer is ahead for me and my "Friends", we are preparing for Budapest, Krakow, Exit Festival, then a tour in Croatia and a few more unannounced dates", Dina shared her impressions.

Photo: Instagram/ matea.lac
Photo: Instagram/ matea.lac

"Gentle and melodious voice": Dina Jashari won the Croatian audience at the anniversary concert of "Elemental" in Zagreb


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