PHOTO | Danijela Dimitrovska enjoys Budva: the model showed off her sculpted body in a bathing suit

Photo: Instagram/Danijela Dimitrovska

Danijela Dimitrovska (36) is considered one of the most beautiful Serbian women, a model who was once the face of the fashion houses "Armani", "Louis Vuitton" and "Yves Saint Laurent".

Dimitrovska, who is the host's ex-wife Ognjen Amidzic (47), is currently in the media because of her new love affair with the football player Yevrem Kosnic (30)

Proof that the model still makes sighs to this day are her latest photos from Budva, where she spends her summer with her new boyfriend. Namely, she stripped down to a bathing suit and showed that she is in great shape, something that is due to her regular workouts and healthy diet.

"You look amazing," "This woman looks like she's 18," "Brutal," read comments on Instagram.

Photo: Instagram/Danijela Dimitrovska
Photo: Instagram/Danijela Dimitrovska

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