PHOTO | Dr. Elena addressed the parents with revolt: Will the influencers with Facebook "diploma" watch over your children?

Photos: Facebook

Today on the social network "Facebook" is circulating an X-ray photo of the lungs of a child published by the pediatrician Elena Manoleva-Nikolovska who addressed the parents with revolt.

We convey her announcement to you in full:

"A few days ago I saw this X-ray image of a child's lungs. Massive pneumonia with massive pleural effusion. No, no, do not worry… I will not bother you about Covid. It is confirmed tuberculosis in an older child with a positive family history of tuberculosis, unvaccinated with BSG.

Yesterday a mother came to me with an 18-month-old child, she proudly tells me that the child has not been vaccinated yet from the maternity hospital onwards, including the BSG that is admitted to the maternity hospital. For DTP, Polio we are not talking, right !?

About MRP… Ma how, so it causes autism. What is wrong with you… crazy doctors.
No… This child will survive, heal 6-12 months and be cured. But… fibrosis (scar) of the lungs will carry it for life and when it will cause breathing problems, lung capacity, etc. (Let us doctors not bother with our science).

I sit and think: I have at least another 20 years of working life ahead of me as a pediatrician. I wonder how long from now I will start watching…

Read the full text HERE.

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