PHOTO | The flower story of Vesna Zdravkovska: The flowers themselves say what they are looking for and what they need!

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There is a yard in Skopje Stajkovci that you simply can not pass. It smells from afar, captivates from afar, foretells beauty from afar. Mrs. Vesna Zdravkovska is responsible for this flower magic. We asked her to tell us her flower story. 

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Since when have you been growing flowers?

- I have always loved flowers, both as the most beautiful decorator in the yard and as something that fills me. Flowers have always been present in my environment, and 3-4 years ago I transformed the inspiration I received from them into a professional occupation, so I produce petunias, vinci, impatias and begonias that can be seen on the Facebook page

Obviously petunias are your favorite, how long did it take them to grow into all this splendor we saw in the photos?

- Since I am engaged in their production, I take care of them from the very beginning of their planting, so what can be seen in the photos are petunias in their most luxurious period, ie from May to September. But their season does not end here, with proper care they can endure and welcome the winter.

What other flowers and plants do you grow?

- I grow different types of flowers and plants, from fruitful to ornamental, so in my yard you can find vinca, impatias, spathiphyllum, jasmine. But my focus and engagement is mostly on growing petunias, vinky, impatiens and begonias.

How much time a day does this beauty require commitment?

- Flowers are living matter and something is constantly happening to it and therefore requires constant attention. In fact, it probably requires devotion the most, you can not have it if you do not follow it, you do not pay attention to how it reacts, whether something suits it or not and it is interesting that it does not adjust, but requires you to follow it. That is why the time they are looking for is relative, which also depends on the quantity. In my case, on average, I need about 30 minutes to 1 hour.

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What is the biggest challenge in flower growing and landscaping in general?

-There are many challenges, first of all here are probably the weather conditions that can greatly dictate the development process, especially when it comes to growing a large amount, then finding a suitable location, timely detection of disease or a defect that the plant has and proper operation and others. This may seem like an endless array, but by getting into their matter this can become a routine.

How do you take care of the plants during the winter?

- Petunias are seasonal flowers, and in order to reach the period when not everyone is captivated by the beauty, they must…

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