PHOTO | "Red Apple" held a love concert at the Philharmonic: Turn on your phones for the two stars in the sky

Photo: Vangel Tanurovski

The entire hall of the Philharmonic was on its feet for almost the entire concert, at the "Red Apple" concert, last night, and it will surely be the same at the second one, tonight from 20 p.m.

Photo: Vangel Tanurovski

The Bosnian group, which with Dražen Žerić-Žera as the frontman, has been operating from Zagreb for the last 20 years, still carries the soul of Sarajevo, where the story of one of the most significant groups in the former Yugoslavia began in 1985. A concert that begins with the ballad "Sa tvoyih uvana", an unofficial love anthem promises many from the start, and continued euphorically until the very end.

Photo: Vangel Tanurovski

When this song was recorded, Žera was the band's keyboard player, and the singer was unfortunately the late Dražen Richl-Zijo, who together with the band's bassist at the time, Aljoša Buha, died in an accident near Mostar. Since 1987, Gera as a vocalist has been carrying the memory of his friends, for whom last night he asked to turn on phones and lighters.

"Turn on the phones, for the two stars in the sky, Ziyo and Alyosha," said Gera before singing "Sad Misfortune," which had the audience louder than him.

Photo: Vangel Tanurovski

He did not forget his friend "Kemica", Kemal Monteno, with whom he sang a duet, and described him as "a great man who loved all normal people". In honor of Davorin Popovic, he sang "Bacila je sve niz rijeku", which was included as a cover on the last pre-war album of "Crvena Jabuka", "Nekako s proljeća" in 1991, when the group was in the old composition. Zlatko Arslagagic - Zlaja wrote some of the group's most beautiful songs, which Zera still sings today with great love.

Photo: Vangel Tanurovski

The whole concert was loving and romantic, a memory of songs that on the one hand remind of happier and simpler times, and on the other sound current, as if they were recorded yesterday, because they never stopped being sung. Gera was bothered by the bright light, and wanted it to be dimmed, so the audience sang and danced in such an intimate and romantic atmosphere for more than two and a half hours.

That they are "old school" and don't do the encore just as part of a scenario, for Gera and for the band, it was seen at the end. They played a mix of older songs that are not repeated in the concerts and have not been heard for a long time, and it was seen that they have strength for more.

Photo: Vangel Tanurovski

"Crvena Jabuka" showed its love for 7/8 rhythm in the rendition of "Ako umram il ganjam", which we heard live for the first time yesterday, and combined it with "Macedonia" by Dado Topic.

"Take care of Macedonia, it is the most beautiful in the Balkans," said Zera at the end.

In July, he will turn 59 years old. Red hair and a specific hairstyle are his image for 40. And something that has never changed is the passion with which he still sings, and the sentence he never fails to repeat:

"Love each other, love each other", the same message that is in every single verse of "Red Apple".

The organizer of the concerts is "Avalon Production".

Photo: Vangel Tanurovski

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