PHOTO | Silvana's Wonderful Yard: Paradise Beauty in the Village of Sekirnik

Photo: Private archive

The Panajotovi family has a beautiful yard in the village of Sekirnik, Bosilovo municipality, so beautiful that we had to stop and ask a few questions to the hostess, Silvana Panajotova. 

private archive

We learn from Silvana that she and her husband take care of the yard that stretches on 2 hectares. This paradise is dominated by cypresses, walnuts, firs, figs and Japanese apples, and the flowers smell of graceful bells, lush bougainvilleas, ornamental grass with magical flowers - pampas, bender, yellow tufts and many others.

By the way, we heard about Silvana from … THE CASTLE… Sparrow ?! No. Facebook nest of the passionate about the beautiful arrangement of balconies, gardens, yards, yards…

- We are very dedicated to our yard, in hours it would mean two to three a day, and in the periods when we clean, that is, regulate the fence, cypresses and when we mow, we dedicate four to five hours a day. Of course, there is also daily watering…, explains Silvana.

He tells us that the more they dedicate themselves to the yard, the more the yard resents them.

"We are charging the batteries here," she said.

We ask her if she has any favorite flowers?

- I love all flowers, they all fill me with happiness, it suits us.

During the cold days, some of the flowers move to…

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