PHOTO | Four "unhappy" wedding dresses that should be forgotten

wedding ceremony

We have nothing against bridal dresses, lest we misunderstand. But the internet is an interesting place that can sometimes surprise you with unusual, bizarre photos that once you see them, you will say to yourself - oh no, this should not exist.

However, these four wedding dresses do exist and were worn by women. Whether their day was the happiest or not, we leave to you to decide.

A strange cut and a dress that has no concept. Maybe the bride felt good in him, we will not guess.

bride / Gloriusa
bride / Gloriusa

White inflatable balloon dress. Maybe this is just an April Fool's Day bride? Or not? Or was the groom a clown?

We will "burst" from the trouble that we are not able to find out.

balloon dress
Balloon dress / Gloriusa

This is perhaps fashionable and presented as a dress "from the catwalks".

But would a bride who wants to shine on her most important day really wear it?

Wedding dress
bride / Gloriusa

Dress "What did the author / creator want to say?

This is a real dress for sale, all tailored with sewn condoms in all colors. Bizarre to the end.

dress / Facebook
dress / Facebook
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