PHOTO | A quick recipe for pickled green tomatoes: An unusual pickle for even the laziest

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If you, like me, have been blessed with a rich harvest or good friends with fruitful gardens and are faced with a great dilemma such as "What to do with so many green tomatoes?", And your heart does not allow you to throw them away, the space is not yours allows you to mature them, and you do not know exotic recipes, I have the solution for you!


(Well, use them in exotic, ordinary and those in between - recipes)

This pickling process is very easy, as it does not require additional steps of pickling. With this procedure, you can pickle the tomatoes and store them in the refrigerator for two to three weeks.

Ingredients needed:


- 1 kg of green tomatoes
- 400 ml of water
- 600 ml of apple cider vinegar (wine, food)
- 80 g of salt
- 40 g of brown sugar
- a packet of pepper in a grain

+ one (or several, if you make a larger quantity) large jar of 2 kg

version 1:

- two tablespoons of mustard seeds
- a few sprigs of fresh dill (maybe celery)
- two cloves of garlic

version 2:

- two cloves of garlic
- a few onion wheels
- Bay leaf

version 3:

- pigment
- kim
- fresh ginger
- a few onion wheels
- another 20 g of brown sugar

* It is the basic solution for acidification. You can customize the spices to your liking or try one of the three versions.
* Adjust according to the amount of tomatoes you will pickle. If you are making a larger quantity, use a scale to measure the correct size.


1. The first thing you need to do is…

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