PHOTO | Bradley Cooper's food truck: Ex-girlfriend and current girlfriend stopped by to try his sandwiches

Photo: INSTAR Images / Profimedia

Director and actor Bradley Cooper, who is in a relationship with model Gigi Hadid, and in excellent relations with ex-fiancée Irina Shayk, recently participated in a humanitarian action and sold food in a truck on the streets of New York, he writes. "Page Six".

The actor served food to several famous customers, including his ex and current girlfriend. Irina and Gigi decided to stop by to try his sandwiches.

Photos of the three that were published by foreign media intrigued many if they met at the same time.

Photo: Irina Shayk, Credit line: Fernando Ramales / BACKGRID / Backgrid USA / Profimedia

Irina Shayk came to the food truck with her daughter Lee, who she has with Bradley Cooper. The photos show that the actor is talking to her with a smile.

The model Gigi Hadid appeared on the same day, but separately from Irina. She was enjoying a $10 sandwich, and Jurassic Park star Laura Dern was spotted in line next to her.

Photo: Gigi Hadid, Bradley Cooper, Laura Dern, Credit line: / The Image Direct / Profimedia

To recall, Irina Shayk and Bradley Cooper were in a relationship from 2015 to 2019. They had a daughter, Lee, in 2017. The former couple were rumored to have reconciled last August, after which she began a romance with Tom Bradley, from whom she has since divorced.

The relationship between Gigi Hadid and Cooper became known in October, and sources claim that their relationship is rapidly developing, that is, it is becoming more and more serious. Insiders also said that it was Irina who met them, but some claim that she is not thrilled with the developments in her ex-fiancé's love life.

He allegedly disappointed her because he chose a younger model. Stories come from many quarters that Irina and Bradley have not completely given up on their love.

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