PHOTO | Well done to Eli from Prilep: From 130 kg. went down to 89, and continues on!

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Nutritionist Elena Mirceska is with us to "tighten up" this fall.

A healthy diet is in vogue, and good nutritionists are in high demand. Especially if we could combine a healthy diet with physical activity. Nutritionist and fitness instructor, Elena Mirceska, advises us how to get in top shape during the fall. Because, do not forget, the beautiful bodies that we see every spring and summer, are "sculpted" exactly in autumn and winter.

And some have already succeeded! 

Such is the example with the woman from Prilep

Elizabeta Magdeska Petkoska


When asked why she decided to take such a step for the first time after so many years and all her life with being overweight, she answered: "Out of spite, why they told me that after the age of 40 you will hardly lose weight! Well, I proved to them that I can ", laughs Elizabeta Magdeska Petkoska and continues:

"Willpower, perseverance and perseverance are important!"

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And obviously Eli had enough will to drop from 130 kg to 89 at the moment, and he continues, of course gradually and under the supervision of his mentor. In seven months!

Asked how she succeeded, she said: "Listen to your teacher and stick to the rules, and you are not short of anything anyway, you eat enough and you are not hungry at all. "Now, there are no smokes, no meat, no tea, but the motive is great, when you see how you constantly eat, and the weight goes down!"

Eli is an example of perseverance, in addition to the diet program, she joined the fitness classes with Elena, at the beginning in the studio, now live online with her, and after so many months she still does not miss a class!

- At the beginning, due to the weight, many of the exercises seemed impossible, but Eli never gave up, he modified them first and every next hour he could do more and more, so now he can easily choose whether to join a heavy or light group. and do everything without stopping. Well, that is persistence !, said the fitness instructor Elena Mirceska…

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