PHOTO | "The Balkans is the best": Marija Gruevska moved to Germany, but mourns her homeland

Photo: Printscreen - Instagram

Marija Gruevska attracted the attention of the public with his unusual performances in the "Grand Stars" competition, the most striking of which was when he appeared on stage with a snake around his neck. Half a year ago, Gruevska swore eternal love and said the fateful "yes" to her longtime partner Sinisa Stojanoski.

Although he attracted the attention of the domestic and Balkan public with his performances Maria decided to leave Macedonia and moved several thousand kilometers from her homeland.

"I moved to Germany, but to be honest, I don't like it there. Lately I've been thinking about going back because the Balkans are the best. I'm used to it there, but everyone is there too" - the singer told "Grand", although she didn't want to reveal whether the move to another country was for financial or some other reasons?!

Although the singer left far from her loyal audience, Maria is actively working on her music career.

"I am recording two new songs which I hope to finish and release by the beginning of summer. I am impatient for the audience to hear them, but on the other hand I want to prepare everything thoroughly as always. In any case, if something changes in the meantime, I'll let you know right away"- Maria joked, revealing if anything has changed since she's married?

Maria and Sinisha celebrated the crowning of their love for three whole days. About 600 guests attended the wedding celebration, and some of the traditional wedding customs were observed.

For her happiest day, Gruevska shone in a wedding dress in which she reminded us for a moment of the Disney princess - Ariel. The corset of the wedding dress was created in the form of shells with a very characteristic pattern enriched with pearl beads.

The singer replaced the classic Biedermeier, which is usually made of fresh flowers, with a unique Biedermeier made of crystals, shells and starfish.

VIDEO: Marija from Bitola with an unprecedented performance - after the snake, came out on stage in a crazy shirt

PHOTO | Three-day wedding with 600 guests: Marija Gruevska said the fateful "yes" in a corset made of crystals and shells

PHOTO | Wedding dress and Biedermeier with shells: After the three-day wedding celebration, Marija Gruevska is preparing for her honeymoon

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