PHOTO | Atige and Suzana in Istanbul: The heroine of the movie "Honey Earth" was last in Turkey in 1994 with her father

Photo: Printscreen / Instagram

We have written many times about the sincere friendship of the heroine from the movie "Honey Earth", Atidze Muratova and our famous singer, host and writer Suzana Turundzieva.

Their friendship was not prevented by the coronavirus pandemic either. The two ladies used every moment to spend together, and to enrich their every gathering with a lot of music.

Recently, the two ladies realized the long announced duet "From Bekirlija to Bitola", and a video was promoted for this composition, which is an announcement for their first joint album "Same Fate".

Atice and Suzana used this beautiful pre-holiday period to visit the beautiful Istanbul, Turkey, Muratova's long-standing wish. The heroine of the movie "Honey Earth" was last in Turkey in 1994, together with her late father, and after so many years, Suzana fulfills her desire to visit the pearl of the Bosphorus again…

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