PHOTO | An anonymous man from Bitola bought the portrait of Atidze! The starting price was 10.000 denars

Photo: Facebook / Suzana Turundzieva

The heroine of the legendary Macedonian documentary "Honey Country", Atidze Muratova, turned 58 yesterday. On that occasion, her great friend, host and musician Suzana Turundzieva organized a humanitarian action.

A portrait of was offered for sale Atige, made in acrylic technique on canvas, work of the artist Sase Milevski.

"We start with a birthday charity auction on the occasion of the 58th birthday of our Atidze Muratova. It is planned to be a 24-hour bidding for a work of art - a portrait of Atidze, created for this purpose by the young and talented artist Sase Milevski in acrylic canvas technique, with dimensions 90x70. The one who will offer the highest price for the portrait, will become the owner of it, and will have the opportunity to personally donate the funds to Atige", wrote Susanna on Facebook two days ago.

The starting price for the work was 10.000 denars, and the bidding took place online.

Obviously, the auction was successful, and as he informed Susanna on Facebook, the work was bought by a man from Bitola who lives abroad, and apparently the buyer wanted to remain anonymous.

"Oh my Bitola, you are always with me! Owner of the portrait of Atidze Muratova made by the artist Sase Milevski is an anonymous buyer, who is geographically very far away, but his heart and soul are always in Bitola. "Thanks to all of you who congratulated Atidze on his birthday, and I am most THANKFUL for the gesture of the artist who offered the painting to beautify Atige's birthday," he announced. Susanna on his Facebook profile.

Suzana and Atidze cultivate a great sincere friendship, so we can often see photos of the two posing together.

Suzana and Atidze
Photo: Instagram

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