PHOTO: Albanian family arrested in Thessaloniki with half a ton of cocaine

Greek police seized half a ton of cocaine in Thessaloniki/Photo: Facebook

The narcotics prosecutor's office at the Thessaloniki Division and the DEA broke up the "family business" of a 50-year-old Albanian, who, together with his wife and two grandchildren, are suspected of drug smuggling after 580 kilograms of cocaine were found in their possession.

The family's partner was also a man who was born in Albania, who had a Greek identity card, and police sources state that none of the arrested had previously been the focus of law enforcement. The huge amount of drugs was found in two vehicles and in a house where three of the members of the criminal circle lived.

A file has been filed against them individually for criminal organization and illegal drug trade, damage to foreign property and resistance. It has been noted that the 50-year-old Albanian is the leader of the group, with a major role in the import of large quantities of cocaine from Latin American countries and their further movement in Greek territory, but also in European countries.

As part of the investigations and after the physical surveillance of the members of the group, an action was organized which was carried out yesterday by police officers of the Department of General Affairs of the Sub-Directorate of the Prosecutor's Office for Narcotics in Thessaloniki, during which two of the perpetrators were intercepted while driving a rented car. passenger cars.

One of them was stopped to be checked, while the driver of the second vehicle in an attempt to escape hit a company vehicle and hit a fence of a building, but no one was injured.

During the search carried out in the two cars, but also in a house where three of the arrested lived, the following were found and confiscated: 585 kilograms and 208 grams of cocaine, packed in 500 packages, 7.440 euros related to drug smuggling, 7 telephones used for mutual communication , metal detector and other items.

A passenger car owned by the leader of the organization was also confiscated.

Those arrested, with the files filed against them, will be brought before the Basic Prosecutor of Thessaloniki.

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