PHOTO | The 17-year-old daughter is a copy of Julia Roberts: A very rare photo of the actress's twins!

Photo: Profimedia

Danny Moder, the star's husband, posted a photo of their twin children Hazel and Phineas on Instagram on their 17th birthday.

Julia Roberts does not want to share photos of her family, especially those of her three children, twins Hazel and Phineas, born in 2004, and Harry, who arrived in June 2007. But from time to time, the actress's husband, Daniel Moder - the cameraman whom the star married in 2002, does not follow this rule imposed on the family of the 54-year-old actress.

So, on the occasion of the twins's 17th birthday, Daddy Danny broke the rule - and this is not the first time - by posting a photo of the twins, while they are at the table and biting something. And what is striking, besides the beautiful face of the two children, is the resemblance of Hazel to the mother Julia Roberts…

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