Formally removed, but essentially vetoed

Miroslav grunted
Miroslav Grchev. / Photo: Private archive

The French proposal is a skillful diplomatic deception that will turn the Bulgarian veto into a condition and framework for negotiations, and will allow the Bulgarians to take away their responsibility for blocking our European integration. A skillful but cruel, ugly and ruthless deception to our detriment.

Reasonable and politically disinterested citizens of Macedonia have a rare privilege that many nations can only envy. Macedonians, unlike many others who wander in the fog, in every unpredictable and murky internal or external political situation have a sure, almost infallible orientation as to what is the right path. No matter how complex the situation is, all our mentally healthy citizens can immediately know what needs to be done to be of the greatest benefit to them and to the homeland. They just need to check what the pests of vmro-dpmne stand for and they will immediately know that the right solution is exactly the opposite. This law has been reviewed countless times and has almost never failed.

This is because the criminal organization is genetically on the other side of the good and can do no other. It is written in the genetic code of the vemere that the basic goal of the existence of the organization is the destruction of Macedonia and the transformation of its cultural values ​​into nothing.

VMRO-DPMNE saboteur of our positions

The problem arises when under the influence of astrophysical events, such as the coincidence of Jupiter with Mars in the dark sky, an unpredictable space anomaly can occur that will create the illusion that the vemere really stands for the good of the homeland, which according to the laws of nature is completely impossible. Such is the case with the Bulgarian veto and the uncertain and extremely risky negotiations on the conditions that Macedonia needs to meet in order to start accession negotiations for membership in the European Union. This anomaly, however, must not deceive us and - with the blind belief that the good is in the opposite direction from the Vemerovo, as always - we can quickly think that the VMRO's fierce opposition to the Bulgarian fascist blackmail is wrong and that we must seize the opportunity at all costs.

The essence is that the unified position of all Bulgarian legislative and executive bodies, scientific and other institutions is in fact the position of the Bulgarian VMRO, which means that everything that comes and will come from Bulgaria, will be a total negation of the existence of Macedonian state and cultural identity. . This negation is not a mathematical abstraction, but is dressed in a Great Bulgarian overcoat and is also a negation of our sovereignty and territorial integrity, because it is based on the fascist resentment that this is a historical Bulgarian country where Bulgarians have lived since the beginning of time. This view poses an existential threat to our country, and that is why it coincidentally coincides with the view and political rhetoric of our Vemer.

Namely, our VMRO-DPMNE aims to use every chance to weaken the country's position in all international turmoil, just as in domestic politics it does everything to destroy the institutional assumptions for the existence of Macedonia's fragile democracy. And this is exactly the key factor because the vemere is loudly opposed to the Bulgarian blackmail: not because they are worried about the poor or the homeland, but because they mistakenly recognize the crisis in which they can do the most harm to the Macedonian position. Finally, in resolving the dispute with the Greeks, the policy of VMRO-DPMNE crucially and irreparably sabotaged our positions. They do that even today, and it always puts them in synergy with the activities of the Bulgarian VMRO: both aim at multiplying Macedonia by zero. In short, in the case of the Bulgarian veto, the vemere's view should be rejected a priori, so as not to contaminate the reasonable debate.

And the clever debate on heavy mud in which we were introduced by the French proposal and its acceptance by the Bulgarian Parliament, Gjoko Spasov presented it well through the opposing views of our two former foreign ministers, Denko Maleski and Nikola Dimitrov, and with excellent arguments He also expressed his point of view, which practically coincides with that of Professor Maleski.

In short, Professor Maleski explains with great wisdom that the small players on the cruel international stage must follow the "rules of the game" dictated by the politics of the great powers, because only those rules and forces create the geopolitical reality. Dimitrov, on the other hand, advocates a principled refusal to accept harmful and offensive conditions that are contrary to all international norms, as well as European values, in whose name we tread the thick mud on the road to Europe.

Spasov argued his opinion with the following views, which I will present briefly. 1. We should not be afraid that Bulgaria may "Bulgarianize" us, because that is no longer possible; 2. The Macedonian language will be a European language regardless of what the Bulgarians think about it, and no one can change our history by force; 3. We should not allow the fear of further Bulgarian blockades to block us from starting negotiations; 4. We have guarantees for our position from the USA; 5. Time can be on our side, so we need to believe in the positive changes in Bulgaria, the EU and the world, and give them a chance; 6. At any stage of the membership talks we can refuse to continue, so we do not lose anything if we start the negotiations in these conditions; 7. The demands of the Left and VMRO-DPMNE for not starting the membership talks are proof that they should start immediately; 8. The debate should continue, but it must not block us, nor quarrel with us. 9. Macedonia also needs Denko Maleski and Nikola Dimitrov with their sobering arguments.

I have expressed my modest opinion on this issue too often on these pages, so although I have no experience in resolving diplomatic and international disputes, nor the ambition to compare myself with the prominent names above, I could not help but comment on Gjoko's reasonable arguments. Spasov. At least as a style exercise, in the same order.

Ugly and ruthless deception


  1. It did not seem possible that the fascist VMRO would become more vampiric in the 90s, so the "impossible" happened and still happens, and the death threats that have been lurking for a century and a half - and still do! - we must not underestimate them; 2. We are spreading the language ourselves, and our history VMRO has already seriously endangered and stupidized, so that with the Bulgarian pressure in the same direction we can only perish rapidly; 3. We are not blocked by the fear of further blockades, but by the unacceptable aggression on our sovereignty, so if we are ready to further terminate the negotiations, we should not even start them under unacceptable conditions; 4. If the United States guarantees us something, it should reflect the conditions under which we will start negotiations or, in short, we can consider the influence of the United States as helpful only if it results in acceptable conditions for us, and not as an "amulet" around the neck that protects us from evil spirits thrown into the clutches of blackmailers and rapists who deny our existence; 5. If time is on our side, it says that we should insist on the principled positions of unconditional protection of our sovereign rights. How will we believe in the positive changes in Bulgaria, Europe and the world, when we are witnessing the total negative tendencies in Bulgaria, where Greater Bulgarian monarcho-fascism is becoming more vampiric, and in Europe, which is at war, and in a world on the brink of global conflict with terminals. outcomes? 6. By starting negotiations with unacceptable conditions in which the Greater Bulgaria fascist demands are made up and embedded in the conditions and framework of negotiations, we really only lose: the very acceptance of Bulgarian blackmail puts us in an irreversible and irreparable losing position; 7. The expansion of VMRO-DPMNE in this case should not confuse us: I explained it above, usually they are reliable evidence of the opposite, but in this case they are accidentally with completely different evil motives ostensibly in the principled position; 8. If we accept negotiations under conditions that historically devalue us in what the Bulgarians stand for, the debate will no longer make sense and will not benefit from it; 9. And, yes, Macedonia needs Denko Maleski and Nikola Dimitrov and Gjorgji Spasov with their sobering arguments.


P.S. The main reason for our refusal to negotiate under these conditions is that the French proposal is in fact a clever diplomatic deception that will turn the Bulgarian veto into a terms and framework for negotiations, and will allow the Bulgarians to formally lift the veto with a solemn parliamentary farce. and thus its responsibility to block our European integration. A skillful but cruel, ugly and ruthless deception to our detriment. The veto has been formally lifted to become a condition and framework for negotiations.

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