"Forbes": This is the richest actress in the world, she earned every dollar herself

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Actress Reese Witherspoon (47) camp the richest self-made actress in the world according to the magazine Forbes.

Forbes published the list of the richest American women, and Reese took it 59th place, between Dolly Parton и Barbara Streisand. Her wealth is estimated at $ 440 million, and together with acting Reese also ventured into entrepreneurial leads. In 2016 years founded the media company "hello sunshine, which is responsible for movies and series like Gone Girl, Big Little Lies and many other. She also founded the production company "Pacific Standard", together with the producer Bruna Papandreou.


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– I think it was literally the only studio that had a project for a female lead over 30 years old. I thought to myself: "I have to seriously start working" - Reese said on one occasion for "Variety".

In 2021, she sold Hello Sunshine to a media company for $ 900 million.


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– I founded this company to change the way women are portrayed in the media. Over the past few years, we've followed the progress of our mission through books, TV, movies and social platforms, said Reese, who still owns about 18 percent of the company.

In addition, Rhys founded the literary club "Reese's Book Club."


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According to "Forbes", Rhys is also one of the highest paid actresses, who, as they write, received $ 1,2 million for the main role, as well as for the production of the episodes of The Morning Show. According to Celebrity Net Worth, the actress earned the least $ 15 million for everyone movie which she recorded in between 2001 and 2012.

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