FC Tetex asks: What do we get from your analyzes and apologies?!

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The Tetex team from Tetovo is certainly one of the most damaged clubs in domestic football.

After the second part of the season started, after the change of management, Tetex is struggling for survival in the second league competition, but in several games it was seriously damaged.

Against Karaorman they lost with a recognized offside goal of the team from Struga, and then they received an apology from the FFM Referee Commission which first claimed that the goal was legal. Then against Kamenica Sasa, they reacted again for an invalidated goal, then the Referee's Commission confirmed that the referee was wrong. There were also reactions to two unjudged penalties against Borec, and now in the weekend, when the national team break is in progress, they decided to announce themselves again.

We give you Tetex's reaction in full:

What does FK Tetex - Tetovo have to do with your apologies and analyses?!

(Open letter to referee organization of the football federation of the Republic of Macedonia)

On behalf of FK Tetex and on my own behalf, I wonder if the mistakes of the judges are accidental or intentional?!

We were drastically damaged in the matches with FK Borec where 2 obvious penalties were not awarded in our favor. At the match with F.K. Karaorman, was not judged offside and we conceded a goal, which was recognized, until the last game we played with F.K. Sasa - Kamenica, where we were denied a clean regular goal.

I have been in the sport all my life and until now it has never happened to me that in a SERIES WE BE DRACONICLY DAMAGED, and with that a huge injustice has been done to F.K. Tetex, that is, the club has been damaged by 5 points, which we need for the survival of the club in the second Macedonian league.

If more than in the match with Sasa, who are a direct competitor in the fight for survival, 2 points, which are worth 4, will be deducted from us.

Unfortunately, for the whole time, our football players and the professional staff train as much as possible, fight in every match, do their best, to win honestly and choose the survival of F.K. Tetex in the second league, and someone so easily with one referee's decision, to devalue the entire effort.

Not to mention the sacrifice of the entire administration who give money from their own pockets and run and beg for sponsors to cover all the costs for the successful operation of F.K. Tetex.

I entered Tetex with the purest intention to help the club, which is a football icon of the city of Tetovo, and I thought that the Football Federation of Macedonia - the judicial organization at FFM are professionals and honest in the true sense of the word, but from their side literally F.K. Tetex is damaged to the limit.

For us, every gold point is valuable, and we are damaged by a whopping 5 points. With these 5 points we would be in a safe position for survival in the league.

And rightly, all of us at FK Tetex are wondering what to do with the apologies from the referee organization.

Vice-president of FK Tetex Ivica Hadziiljoski - Chaika

The referee commission of FFM was wrong in the analysis, FC Tetex received an apology

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