FC Pelister presented the new project, but also announced the construction of a modern training center

Photo: Municipality of Bitola/Facebook

The new president of the "Pellister" Football Club Mitko Stojkovski and the mayor of Bitola municipality, Toni Konjanovski, today informed about the future plans with which the club, with the support of the municipality, plans to continue functioning in the future period.

According to the program commitments of the new management, the vision and goals will be aimed at stabilizing the club and its return to the First League, as well as strengthening the School and improving the training conditions for young football players.

"Our short-term goal is the return of Pelister to the First League. We know that the spring season is ahead, in which we are fighting for the return of Pelister to the First League. We have strong competition, but in these 15 matches that are ahead of us, we will do everything to return Pelister to his rightful place. In the medium term, what we are planning is to stabilize the club, with the support of the mayor and the municipality, why they stood behind us, and the financial burden is the biggest part with the municipality. We expect that help, and what we have to do, I promise to the entire football public in Bitola, that we will invest 100%, to raise the level of the club. The school is the base to which we most want to devote ourselves, to raise it to a higher level, to establish a new system of work at the School and to restore the shine of that Bitola school, which was widely known in the time of Yugoslavia, and in Macedonia was one of the leading schools in the country, which provided many representatives and first team players to our club. For this purpose, for the school to function better, we need better conditions. We are already discussing the creation of a sports center, a training center that will be a base for our children, for the children who train football in this city.

For that, we need the support of the municipality, the Football Federation, and in the area of ​​social responsibility, all others who will find interest and want to help the development of children. In the school, we have over 400 children, from 6 years old to 18, so 10 different generations. More than 10 coaches work with them, that's why I said we will change the work system, we will improve the working conditions, in order to achieve our ultimate goal, which is in a few years, that school will produce first team members, the skeleton of the FC first team Pelister should be children from our city and with several reinforcements from other clubs, even from abroad, to have a competitive team, which will fight in the coming years for an exit to Europe. Therefore, in infrastructure, we should all make efforts to raise the level.

Bitola will be proud of FC Pelister, as ever. On this occasion, we ask for the support of the entire football public in the municipality of Bitola and of course from the Chkembars, who are our 12th player whenever and wherever the club is doing well and when it is difficult, and we expect unreserved support from them and I believe that with their help we will achieve the goals for which we came to the club", said Mitko Stojkovski, president of FC Pelister.

Mayor Konjanovski emphasized that Bitola is a city with great sports potential, which deserves support and encouragement.

"This is exactly why we believe in our proven athletes and representatives, who have confirmed their results even outside the borders of our country, such as Mitko Stojkovski, with whose help, as the president of FC Pelister, I am sure that we will achieve stabilization and return of the club in the First League, where it deserves to be," said Konjanovski, adding that, in the future, the creation of new training centers with more fields and better conditions for athletes is planned, as a new foundation for a solid sports policy.

Konjanovski informed that this is part of the commitment of the municipality to support and affirm sports and encourage the sports spirit among young people, for which the municipality has allocated 40.100.000 denars with the Sport and Youth Program this year. These funds are intended to support sports clubs and associations, as well as individual athletes, professional sports, women's sports associations, school sports, university sports, as well as the organization of sports events that promote sports and encourage young people to participate in sports activities.

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