A company tried to sell Viagra and the banned slimming drug "sibutramine" to Macedonian citizens

The customs administration prevented the entry of 1,7 tons of medicines harmful to citizens' health. Customs officials at the entrance to Skopje International Airport prevented the entry of 1,7 tons of medicines, "Sildenafil Citat Oops" and "Sibutramine", which are harmful to the health of citizens. The medicines are not registered in the Medicines Agency, and the importing company did not even have a permit for the wholesale sale of medicinal products, that is, it is not registered in the register of legal entities for performing this type of activity.

It is not the first time that such a substance "sibutramine" has been registered in Macedonia, and it was the subject of a court dispute in the past.

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After the expert examination, it was determined that the medication Sibutramine is a substance that is on the National List of controlled narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances and that it is a stimulant of the central nervous system. What's more, it has been determined that it causes heart attacks and strokes, which is why medicines containing sibutramine have been banned for sale by the EU since 2010.

The medication Sildenafil Citate Oops (Viagra) is a substance that is part of medication for treatment and is subject to controlled sale.

The case has been taken over by the Department of Investigations at the Department of Control and Investigations, and a criminal complaint will be filed against the legal entity to the Basic Public Prosecutor's Office.

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