Finland is preparing to close the last open border crossing with Russia

Finland would be the first northern bulwark in the event of Russian aggression - EPA photo, Tomi Haninen

Finnish authorities are ready, if necessary, to close the only remaining open border crossing with Russia as a measure to protect national security, Finnish Prime Minister Petteri Orpo said today.

At a press conference together with Swedish Prime Minister Ulf Kristerson, who is visiting Helsinki, Orpo stated that Finland protects the eastern border of the EU and NATO.

"If necessary, we are ready to close the last border crossing, said the Finnish Prime Minister and added that the government can decide on it very quickly. The next decision will be made soon, everything should be ready," continued Orpo.

Helsinki has repeatedly accused Moscow of allowing illegal migrants to cross its border, thereby trying to destabilize it. Finland, which joined NATO in April, shares a 1.340 km border with Russia.

"Intelligence from various sources tells us that there are more people moving towards the border ... If this continues, more measures will be announced in the near future," Orpo said.

Kristerson said Sweden strongly supports the measures Finland is taking at the border. "It is important to emphasize that this is also the external border of the EU and that we have common interests on this issue," he said.

On November 22, the Finnish government decided to close three of the four remaining border crossings, leaving only the Raya-Hossepi checkpoint open.

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