Finland is "shopping" in the USA: It will protect itself from Russia with tactical missiles

Finnish Army / photo: EPA / ADAM WARZAWA POLAND OUT

Finland's Defense Ministry will approve the purchase of tactical missiles and other weapons from the United States early next year, said Ika Martila, an adviser to the ministry.

As Martila said, the US arms purchase approvals come at a time when there is high international demand and competition for weapons systems due to potential war in Europe and the world.

"Of course we have to strengthen our army as a neighbor of Russia, it is normal to be interested in the renewal of weapons and to follow the course of the crisis in Europe," Martila told Reuters, adding that the latest purchases would be approved by the Ministry of Defense the beginning of next year.

After the start of the conflict in Ukraine in February, the Finnish government decided to approve an additional 1,7 billion euros for the purchase of weapons and other defense material this year alone, reminds the British agency.

The State Department announced that the proposed sale of tactical missiles (AIM 9X Block II) and advanced bombs (AGM-154) totaling $323,3 million will improve Finland's air weapons capabilities.

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