The Finns fear that the Ukrainians can use their weapons to target Russian territory

Photo: Twitter / Visegrad 24

Ukraine may use weapons provided by Finland to target targets on Russian soil, senior officials in Helsinki have said.

Finnish Defense Minister Antti Hakanen said his country has not set any restrictions on what Ukraine can do with weapons provided by Finland, Finnish TV station Ile reported.

- If necessary, Ukraine should also attack military targets on the Russian side. It is a perfectly legitimate defensive battle being waged by Ukraine. The UN Charter allows military targets to be attacked across land borders, said the chairman of Finland's parliamentary defense committee, Jukka Kopra.

Politico reports that Finland's position differs from that of other Western countries, including Germany, and points out that German Chancellor Olaf Scholz has not approved the delivery of long-range Taurus cruise missiles to Ukraine, fearing that the weapons would be used to attack targets deep in Russia and thereby drag Germany into war with Russia.

- I encourage Germany to seriously think about it, Hakenen said.

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