Financial horoscope for December: Who is waiting for real wealth, and who is waiting for financial ruin

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In the following, read what the stars have prepared for you financial plan in December.


Expect significant unplanned expenses. Despite your best efforts to save money, there will be times when you need to set aside money. In addition, it is possible that a business partnership with representatives of the Libra sign will bring you additional income. It is advised to avoid communication with fraudsters, and to solve all financial problems with trusted people. It is important to move forward side by side only with those you can trust. This is an ideal time for creative work, making important and non-standard decisions. Now the most important thing is to have patience, endurance and not to rush things. This is especially true for the second half of the month.


Your financial situation in December is very uncertain. For Venus, the growth period will end at the beginning of the month, so Taurus will begin to lose strength. Already in the first days of the month, try to complete all the most important things, do not leave anything for the end of the year. You can spend part of the money on yourself, on updating your wardrobe, on New Year's gifts, but it is better to do it before the 13th, because then the period of retrograde Mercury begins. If you are married, your partner may be using your money inefficiently. The same applies to business partnerships where there are difficulties in assessing the financial aspects. It is recommended that important financial decisions be postponed until the end of the month in order to achieve greater stability in this area.


Astrologers recommend that you stop talking about your plans with strangers. This tip will be important because of Mercury retrograde. Astrologers strongly advise to maintain independence in everything. If you need to spend a lot of money, then it is better to do it yourself, without other people's advice. The opinion of other people can confuse Gemini and deprive them of financial happiness. Your promotion attempt in December will be delayed. However, next month you will have the opportunity to earn decent money doing what used to be your hobby.


In December, you will be able to earn a considerable amount of money, but at the same time you will have expenses. It seems that despite your efforts, you do not have money for the long-awaited little things that you dreamed about. Be more rational in managing your finances. Plan everything for the New Year holidays in advance. There should be no signs of risk or adventure in December. At the end of the year you definitely can't trust your intuition.


Leos will continue to enjoy financial happiness despite the deteriorating position of Mercury and Venus. Communication with dear people will help you. At the end of the year, representatives of this sign will be able to solve many problems and increase income, gain new motivation and invest money correctly. All this will become possible if you do not lose heart and relax. Housing-related expenses are possible, which could be resolved in the middle of the month.

The Maiden

Financial luck will continue to smile at Virgos, but only until December 12, because then the period of retrograde Mercury begins, which will greatly affect their lives. Until 13.12. you have the opportunity to earn significant amounts of money. You will be able to cope with monotonous and difficult work and creative tasks, but it is better to do all this before December 13. Astrologers advise Virgos to invest money in self-development and new skills. It is also useful to think about your health.


On 4.12. Venus, the main protector of Libra, begins its journey under the auspices of Scorpio, so representatives of this sign will experience a drop in happiness, energy and strength. You can dedicate the first days of the month to active work and shopping or you can dedicate them to a change of environment. The most important thing is that the most urgent financial and work issues are not left unattended. At the end of the year, they may not have any strength left. Libras who are married may feel that their partner is unfairly spending the joint budget.


It is quite possible that Scorpios will have to spend a considerable amount in December – on a gift or on themselves, on a house. Some expenses will be unexpected, so it is better to be extremely careful. This will help you avoid wasting money. Better now to deal with money matters first – while Mercury is still strong. On the other hand, Scorpios will be helped by Mars, their main planet, during December. At the end of the month, the financial situation will improve.


For the representatives of this sign, December will be quite productive, but also a challenging period. Astrologers advise Sagittarius not to take unnecessary risks and not to invest money and effort in dubious projects. The beginning of the month will be very bright. You will be able to overcome all difficulties on the way to success and become more financially independent. It is important to think carefully about your financial plans and be careful in the allocation of funds, especially if you have big ambitions and plans.


December is an extremely unusual and difficult period, in which it is better for Capricorns to focus on their responsibilities and work. You will have to work harder and make important purchases. Anyone looking for a job should take care of their appearance. At the end of the month, motivation can leave Capricorns, so it is better to set new goals for the next year at the beginning of December. You have the opportunity to earn thanks to influential friends. It is possible that Scorpio will help you get a better paying business offer, which will be current in the first half of the month.


In general, December is favorable for the financial activity of Aquarius. 4.12. and 13.12. energy restructuring awaits them. The energy of the planets Venus and Mercury will become less creative, so around these dates it is better not to spend money without thinking and not to lend money to anyone. Aquarians will need to stay in good shape to feel the loss of strength and performance less acutely.


At the beginning of the month you will be able to earn enough money. Money can come from abroad or through cooperation with a foreign company. After 13.12. there comes a time unsuitable for shopping, any financial transactions and a change of environment. Therefore, preparations for the New Year holidays will have to be made before 13 or better even earlier. The middle of the month is a favorable period for easier work. Every day it will be more and more difficult to impress your bosses or business partners. The main thing is to do well at the beginning of the month. Despite the approaching holidays, you should continue to work and not dream of a New Year's miracle. Only we can help ourselves to survive financially, he writes "" (

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