The final evening of the anniversary "Taxirat" will be held in Arena "Boris Trajkovski"

Flyer with the participants of the final evening of the 25th "Taxirat"

The main evening of the "Taxirat" music festival will be held on December 7, and with this event, the jubilee 25th edition of the Macedonian most visited alternative music festival will officially be closed.

At the final event of the anniversary "Taxirat", which will be held in the "Boris Trajkovski" Arena, the audience will have the opportunity to enjoy more than 10 concerts and performances that will take place in parallel on three stages, and which will be performed by almost 20 musical performers.

The main evening of this year brings together the "Taxirat" residents, the names signed behind the most massive concerts, the artists who defined genres, but also became a hallmark of "Taxirat" or more importantly, the musical team that at times played a significant role in the survival of the festival.

In addition to them, the Skopje "Boris Trajkovski" Arena is a gathering place for the new generation, the current rebellious sound, but also the world's alternative and transcultural electronic scene.

The list of performers includes the Macedonian master music artist Kiril Dzajkovski, "Dab Efex" from Australia, "Acid Arab" from France, but also the most successful regional composition "Dubiosa Kolectiv", as well as the popular "S.A.R.S.", Strike, "Smart", "Flight 3" and others.

The entrance for visitors will be open at 19.30:20.30 p.m., and the program starts at XNUMX:XNUMX p.m.

Schedule of concerts on the main night of "Taksirat"


- The entrance for visitors will be open from 19.30:XNUMX p.m.;

– One ticket is valid for the entire program and allows access to all stages of the Festival;

- In order to avoid crowds at the entrance to the event, I appeal to everyone to arrive as early as possible, that is, at least one hour before the performance that they do not want to miss;

- Tante cards are the official means of payment of "Taxirat" and they are used for payment at all points of sale at the Festival. If you do not have Tante, you will be able to buy it at the event itself at the specially marked places for that purpose;

- All those who bought tickets online do not need to exchange the ticket vouchers, but only need to present the voucher (PDF document in their e-mail) upon entering the Festival. It is important that the barcode is clearly legible;

– In case of any problem when purchasing tickets online, contact the technical support team via e-mail at [email protected];

- on December 7, from 17.30:1.000 p.m., tickets will also be sold at the ticket office in front of the "Boris Trajkovski" Arena, at their full price: XNUMX MKD.

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