"Filter Label" released the album "Big Love" by the duo Georgi Shareski and Marko Jovanovic

During the past three months, the Shareski - Jovanovic duo presented themselves to the world public with the three singles "Cou Cou", "Love Song 2" and "Bird of Paradise", which were well received and were on the playlists of dozens of specialized world radio stations. for jazz, downtempo and world music. These three songs were, in fact, an announcement for the album "Big Love", which from February 3 can be listened to and downloaded from all the world's digital music services.

The edition contains nine compositions signed by Georgi Shareski and offers an intimate look into the creative imagination of this extraordinary musical author. The pure beauty of these songs is rounded off by the unique, seemingly unusual, blend of Shareski's guitar and virtuoso Marko Jovanović's harmonica.

With an almost childlike playfulness, without an iota of ego, these two musical geniuses complement each other perfectly and explore the limits of their unique musical concept. The result is a fantastic synergy as a dedication to honesty in art.

Influences of Toots Thielemans, Pat Metheny and Stevie Wonder flow through the album, but not as obvious quotes, but as inspiration for the eclectic approach to creation and interpretation. The release sounds meditative and spiritual, at times perhaps naive, but at the same time it is deeply emotional, unusual and enchanting.

The album "Big Love" by Georgi Shareski and Marko Jovanović is already available on all major music services in the world, reports from "Filter Label".

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