The film project "The General and the Butterfly" goes to a pitching forum in Portugal

The film project "The General and the Butterfly" has been selected to participate in the "Fest Pitching Forum", which will be held within the 19th edition of "Fest" in Espinho, Portugal. The project was among 24 selected from 225 registered projects.

The script for the film project "The General and the Butterfly" was developed based on the novel of the same name by Luan Starova, by Venko Andonovski and Antonio Mitrićeski. The director of the film is Antonio Mitrićeski, and the recording is planned to be realized in the production of "Award Film and Video", in cooperation with "Triple S Production".

The project is supported by the Film Agency, and co-producers from Albania, France, Germany and Poland are expected to be involved in its production.

The Portuguese "Fest" is included in the list of the most important European film festivals, where with screenings of top films from the new production, with more than 200 titles in the program, including films for young audiences, exhibitions and concerts of artists related to the film, question and answer sessions with the authors, masterclasses, workshops, debates, conferences, presentations of projects in development and award ceremonies, a number of activities are offered for both the audience and the filmmakers.

Fest hosted guests such as Asghar Farhadi, Bela Tarr, Gaspar Noe, Fernando Trueba, Melissa Leo, Roman Coppola, Joe Walker, Gemma Jackson, Ed Lachman, Tom Stern, Finola Dwyer, Irvine Welsh, Alan Starsky, Eugenio Caballero, Angela Allen, etc.

The Fest Pro section is a leading platform for film professionals through which they can connect and interact in person, improve their film knowledge and develop their new projects.

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