The film "Skating is not for girls" by Dina Duma has been received with great enthusiasm

Skating Ain't For Girls Movie Set

The new Macedonian feature film "Skating is not for girls" directed by Dina Duma entered the third of six planned weeks of shooting, and the film crew invited the media to attend the film set on location in Drachevo on April 16.

The feature film Skating Ain't for Girls follows three generations of women – as they navigate the clash between tradition and the challenges of modern times. Through the worldview of 12-year-old Adela, the film opens a world in which three generations of women dare to rewrite their own destinies and challenge the boundaries of a society shaped by tradition.

The film is realized as a co-production between North Macedonia, Belgium, Slovenia and Croatia. The largest part of the film is shot in the Shuto Orizari neighborhood, while the media was invited to follow the third day of filming on location at the SUGS "Brača Miladinovci" in the Drachevo neighborhood.

- I'm especially glad that most of the filming takes place in Shuto Orizari and our main heroines in the film actually come from there. They are not known to the Macedonian public, but I hope that their talent will be recognized through the film. In addition to them, more experienced actors participate in the film, such as Simonida Selimović, who comes from Vienna, and Bajram Severdzhan, whom the Macedonian audience knows well, is part of the cast. On location at the "Brača Miladinovci" SUGS in the Drachevo neighborhood, we are filming the scenes with the school where the main heroine in the story studies - explained director Dina Duma.

The main roles in the film are played by Romanians and actors from the Roma population, Efqar Abaz, Jefrina Jashari, Simonida Selimović and Ganimed Abdullah. The script is by Dina Duma, the co-authors are Lidija Mojsovska and Teona Mitevska, the director of photography is Frederik Noirom, the set designer is Vuk Mitevski, the costume designer is Mateja Fait, the make-up is by Mojca Gorogranc-Petrushevska, while the casting director is Kirijana A. Nikoloska. The producer of the film is Labina Mitevska, and the co-producers are Sebastian Deloy, Daniel Hochevar and Vanja Sremac.

Director Dina Duma and producer Labina Mitevska

- A large international crew is working on the filming of the film, which we are especially glad about, and all the scenes are filmed in Macedonia. Editing will take place in Brussels, Belgium, while part of the post-production will take place in Croatia and Slovenia. We got the support from the Film Agency last year, and the film script was developed in the studio in Cannes, which is really a big exception. In Cannes twice a year they select six directors and Dina Duma was selected to make the first version of the script there during her three-month stay.

We also participated in "Cinelink", where we received two awards for the development of the script, and then the support from the Film Agency arrived. We put together the budget for the film in an incredible six months, because everywhere we applied there was a very enthusiastic response, especially from Dina Duma as a young filmmaker. The film's budget is around 1.560.000 euros, of which 391.000 are from the Film Agency - explained the film's producer Labina Mitevska.

The project is financially supported by the Film Agency of the Republic of North Macedonia, as well as by the national and regional funds of Belgium, Slovenia, Croatia and by the European fund "Eurimage". Vladimir Angelov, director of the RSM Film Agency, also attended the film set on April 16.

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