Filipce: The basis of policies and decisions should come from the lowest to the highest level

I believe that this organizational setup of the party has given its maximum in some past times. People are looking for something new. Young people are looking for something new, they are not looking for a rigid party structure in which they will hear an order in which they did not participate. They want to make their contribution. And they will make their contribution when they can communicate in an appropriate way and will be properly included and valued, Venko Filipce said at the first of the eight party tribunes within the SDSM campaign for the election of the president.

He said that this model of organization must be changed in order to adapt to the needs and ways of communication of people nowadays, but also to ensure greater and permanent involvement of members. Filipce believes that it is necessary for the basis of policies and decisions to come from the lowest to the highest level, where based on the real needs of the citizens, they will further shape the solutions.

- The biggest problem we faced in the past period and which people tell us most directly is that they had closed doors. They simply could not tell each other their requests, needs and ideas. And what do people do? They normally withdraw. So if the party is opened, if the structure is brought down to the municipal organizations where the policies will be built and after that they will come to the central level where they will be further shaped, is the right approach. Only in this way will we be able to say that we have created policies according to the real needs of the people - said Filipche.



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