Fiala: Ukraine has the right to target Russia with Western weapons

Czech Prime Minister Petr Fijala, before today's meeting with representatives from Poland, Denmark, the Netherlands and Latvia on aid to Ukraine, said that the country, since it was attacked, has the right to use Western weapons for purposes on the territory of Russia.

– I think that is completely logical. Ukraine is a country that defends itself against Russian aggression, protects its territory and its civilian population. As a country under attack, it certainly has every right to use all possibilities for its own defense, Fiala said of NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg's appeal for the allies to lift the embargo on targets in Russia for the weapons they sent.

The Czech prime minister has denied reports in several German media that some NATO allies are considering sending their troops to Ukraine if the situation on the frontline worsens dramatically so as not to wait for the Russian army to appear on their borders.

- These are things that appear somewhere in the media. It's not something that would be on the table at this point. We are trying to use the support methods that we have developed in the last two years and we are trying to make those methods as effective as possible and enable Ukraine to defend itself, the Czech Prime Minister said.

Fijala said that he invited the President of Poland and the Prime Ministers of Denmark, the Netherlands, Latvia and Ukraine to today's working dinner precisely for better coordination and increase of aid to Ukraine in weapons, as well as financial and humanitarian aid.

- We are in a difficult phase, the Ukrainian defense is in a very difficult situation, but I think that some steps, any initiative for ammunition and the fact that the USA has approved aid and is now fully helping Ukraine, can change the situation on the front, Fiala said.

The Czech Prime Minister confirmed that in June the first shipments of ammunition will arrive at the front from the initiative that the Czech Republic launched in February, in which more than 20 countries joined, for the immediate purchase of 800.000 pieces of artillery ammunition for the Ukrainian army in third countries.

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