Facebook blocks OMO Ilinden's page while Stojkov talks to Pendarovski

Flag of RSM and the Republic of Bulgaria / Photo: Free Press Archive

Facebook blocked the page of the association of Macedonians from Bulgaria OMO "Ilinden" almost at the same time when the representatives of this organization and several other associations of Macedonians from Bulgaria met with the president Stevo Pendarovski, informs the president of OMO Ilinden Stojko Stojkov for „New Macedonia".

He states that the blockade was under a strange and false accusation of "spamming" (sending almost identical unsolicited messages to a large number of users).

President Pendarovski today received the representatives of several associations of Macedonians from Bulgaria, who informed him about their work and activities.

Regarding the dialogue with Bulgaria, the President assessed that a new phase is beginning, and both sides express their will for the progress of the process.

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