Federer, even retired, earns the most in the "white sport"


One of the best of all time, Roger Federer, although he retired from active tennis two months ago, still earns the most from the "white sport".

The Swiss had a long-term cooperation with "Nike", a in 2018 he signed a ten-year contract with "Unikalo" with a value of 100 million dollars, so he will receive money from this sponsor until 2028.

Only after he retired he earned 130 million dollars, Federer appeared in an exhibition in Japan. However, all these contracts are likely to be small compared to another source of income.

With the termination of cooperation with "Nike" Federer invested in "On Running", a sneaker manufacturer. Federer seriously entered this company from Switzerland, which according to estimates has a value of 10 billion dollars. Federer's share at this moment is about 300 million dollars.

All told, Federer is currently worth $500 million with his current investments and money from sponsorship deals.


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