The FBI was following Ivana Trump, they thought she was a Czech spy

Ivana Trump/ Photo Barbara Loschan / Zuma Press / Profimedia

Documents released by the FBI revealed that the late ex-wife of Donald Trump, Ivana Trump was under investigation by the counterintelligence service due to allegations related to her ties to her native Czechoslovakia, writes The Independent.

The FBI "recommended the opening of a preliminary investigation into Ivana Trump based on information obtained from a confidential source in 1989," according to 190 pages of classified documents released Monday by the law enforcement agency as part of Bloomberg's Freedom of Information Act lawsuit. .

A passage from the pile of documents states that "it is not known whether the allegations against Ivana stem from jealousy of her wealth and fame," but say the investigation is still ongoing.

Born as Ivana Zelnichkova in 1949 in what was then Czechoslovakia, she left the then-communist country in 1971 after marrying an Austrian ski instructor from whom she divorced a year later, when she obtained Austrian citizenship, and eventually moved to California and then to New York, where what she earned as a model.

She met future President Donald Trump in 1976 in New York, and the couple married in April 1977. It was believed that the man was connected to the espionage community in that country, which is why Ivana was also suspected of espionage.

The investigation also focused on Ivana's visits to Czechoslovakia in 1990 before the collapse of the state and her meetings with the first Czech president Vaclav Havel.

Former President Donald Trump does not appear often in the now-public FBI file on his late ex-wife, but he is mentioned in a paragraph referring to a January 16, 1989 Time magazine article titled Trump.

Despite the divorce, Ivana kept the surname Trump and remained on friendly terms with her first husband. She later told the Post that her ex-husband offered her the ambassadorship to the Czech Republic after he won the presidency, but she turned him down. She died of a fall at her home in New York in July 2022, aged 73.

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