Fatmir Limani, Besar Durmishi and Sedat Sueymani, candidates of Besa for the new composition of the new Government

Biljal Kasami / Photo: "Free Press" - Dragan Mitreski

The Besa movement, which is part of the "Vredi" Coalition, has chosen the candidates for members of the new Government which should be elected on Tuesday in the Legislative House. As Bilal Kasami's party announced, Fatmir Limani will be a candidate for Minister of Social Policy, Demography and Youth, Besar Durmishi for Minister of Economy and Labor, while Sedat Suleimani is a candidate for Deputy Minister of Culture and Tourism.

"At the meeting, the priorities and commitments of the party cadres in the future government were discussed, and it was unanimously determined that the party representatives in the Parliament and in the executive power will devote themselves without compromise to the three most priority points of the government program - the fight against crime and corruption, the realization and implementation of the conditions for the country's integration into the European Union and economic development of the country", the announcement states.


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