Caught gang of thieves from Prilep, "operated" in houses, warehouses, churches, monasteries and cottages

Police STOP traffic accident
L.D. died on the spot from his injuries. while M.M. with severe injuries was transferred to the general hospital in Ohrid.

The Bitola police filed charges against a five-member group of thieves from Prilep, who for almost a year stole in Bitola and Bitola, said the Ministry of Interior.

"SIA Bitola filed criminal charges against S.A. (33), F.E. (40), D.A. (30), E.B. (33), E.A. (26) and F.Lj. (39), all from Prilep, due to the existence of grounds for suspicion of having committed 87 criminal offenses "aggravated theft", "theft" and "concealment". The reported persons, in the period from April 2021 to February 2022, in the area of ​​Bitola and the villages of Puturus, Crnobuki, Vasarejca, Dobrushevo, Radobor and Trap ", reads the police bulletin.

"Using a suitable object and physical force, they committed aggravated theft, aggravated attempted theft and theft in houses, cottages, yards, churches, monasteries, warehouses, base stations, seizing various items and gaining illegal property. from 1.524.400 denars ", say from the Ministry of Interior.

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