The Faculty of Agriculture gave an opinion on nicotine sachets, so they are managed as a general product, from Economics they are decisive: They must be registered with us

After the published "Sloboden Pechat" story about nicotine sachets called "snus".", which teenagers in the country use massively, and some of which the Ministry of Economy claims are unregistered in their mandatory registers, responded with a reaction the importer NOVA Group LLC through the representative Fiery Kupev.

He believes that there was a confusion between the company and the Ministry of Economy. He claims that the product is not "snus" because it does not contain tobacco, although it looks identical to "snus" and they have an opinion from the Faculty of Agriculture. According to him, since the product did not contain tobacco, it does not even belong to a tobacco product, so it does not need a permit from the Ministry of Economy.

Kyupev pointed out that the company has legal imports, that the product is not intended for children, that it is stated on it that it is for people over 18 years old.

"Sweden is the first country in the world that produces it, where 95 percent are with nicotine pouches and 5 percent are smokers. This product is not a tobacco product. There is a customs tariff that does not fall under the tobacco product and is managed as a general product. There is no need for me to have a permit from the Ministry of Economy, we are not even tobacco dealers. The mistake is that this is not "snus". Snus looks identical to the product you bought, it contains tobacco. There is no tobacco in our nicotine pouches, but vegetable fibers. "This product has no excise tax, no tar," pointed out Kyupev.

From Ministry of Economy remain on their claim that the product must receive a decision from the Ministry for registration in the registers. If it is not entered in the register, it must not be put on the market in the country.

Article 3 of the Law on Tobacco, Tobacco Products and Related Products lists these categories precisely:tobacco products are the products prepared from smoking tobacco, chewing tobacco, snuff tobacco and non-combustible tobacco, andnative products are products related to tobacco products, electronic cigarettes, refillable containers, liquids containing nicotine and products similar to tobacco products, which are made from plant (herbal) materials."

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