Merco's faculty will not produce nurses, but they will still be in short supply

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There will be no faculty of health sciences in Struga, at the university associated with the son of the Struga mayor Ramiz Merko. The Higher Education Accreditation Board canceled the accreditation for the establishment of the Faculty of Health Sciences at the private higher education institution International University in Struga.

This automatically cancels the permission that the government gave to this University to create the faculty and it will cease to exist.

But what exists is the need for more health workers in the country. At least that's what the Ministry of Education claimed at the beginning of the Merco faculty accreditation process.

The fact that the healthcare staff from Macedonia is migrating en masse to European countries, as well as the fact that the retirement of dozens of specialist doctors who will leave the state healthcare system is approaching, and the fact that there are not enough employed nurses and auxiliary technical staff in hospitals, makes the state massively approves new institutions to produce personnel for hospitals.

On the page for accredited universities and faculties in the country, in addition to the Faculty of Medicine in Skopje, there is also the faculty of medical sciences at the University of Tetovo, as well as the faculty of medical sciences at the UGD Shtip, and a medical faculty in Bitola should also start working soon. Faculties of dental medicine are already operating at the International Balkan University, as well as at the European University. There are also several faculties that have been given permission to start work, but have not started yet.

Approvals have been given for the start of work at the Faculties of Health Sciences at the University of Southeast Europe, the International Balkan University and the International Vision University.

Gordana Beshliovska, president of the Association of Nurses, Technicians, Midwives and Dental Nurses - "For Us" told "Sloboden Pechat" that at this moment the lack of nurses on all grounds and standards in the entire public health system is very large.

The shortage is based on the number of inhabitants, on the basis of the number of patients, on the number of doctors and bed capacity. That lack is burning them, and it is not possible to achieve everything with which they are charged by law and regulation to deliver.

It is one of the serious reasons for patient dissatisfaction. Of course, we lack the indicator of quality of knowledge, but we have nurses with exceptional skills, experience and knowledge in our institutions who cannot technically achieve to deliver everything, Beslioska told "Sloboden Pechat".

She added that the career development of nurses in our country has stopped at the level of the Higher Medical Schools and the specializations in six areas, which in many of the hospitals some or a larger number of nurses are not recognized because they are not provided for in the systematizations.

Beshliovska believes that there should be a survey from the field about the needs of nurses and thus decisions should be made about opening new educational institutions for nurses.

The opening of Higher Medical Schools, which by the way do not have indicators of the quality of knowledge, violates the professional status of the profession.

Nurses should have job autonomy that will be defended with professionalism acquired through education in serious programs, theoretical practical classes, continuous educations and recognition based on responsibilities, according to which they should be paid.

Modern medicine obliges nurses to continuous education in order to expand competencies and work tasks in narrow specialties.

We need academic studies, professional studies that will reflect nurses in the educational process as lecturers in the areas of patient care. All with the aim of raising the value of patients, adds Beshliovska.

The professor of the Faculty of Medicine doctor Niko Bekarovski for "Sloboden Pechat" he says that he notices a significant decline in the quality of nurses in the state healthcare. The number of medical classes in Skopje and in the interior has increased, and they do not always produce good nurses. He believes that the number of medical classes should be limited to protect quality.

It is necessary to drastically limit the number of medical classes, considering that medical classes are currently functioning even where there are no conditions for practical work in secondary schools.

I think that there is a need to have medical secondary schools in Skopje, Shtip, Tetovo and Bitola as it was in the past. The quality of the nurses is incomparable to the past. They come to work without practice, with the exception of the "Pance Karagjozov" secondary medical school, which graduates regularly. The school in Bitola still maintains its quality.

In other places, theoretically the sisters have a mandatory summer internship of 15 days, but it is sometimes pro-forma. Sometimes even we who work at the Clinic don't know where classes are open, says Doctor Bećarovski.

His idea of ​​how to solve the problem of overproduction but also to keep quality personnel in the state health care, is to have criteria from which schools could hire nurses in the state health care.

My idea of ​​how the situation could be improved is for public health to have a list of colleges and secondary schools whose personnel would be employed in public health. I'm not saying that other schools and colleges should be closed, but that in public health they should only be accepted from more established medical schools. Realistically, Macedonia should have one Medical Faculty and hire only from faculties that are in the first 2 thousand on the Shanghai list, says Bećarovski.

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