"Cheap and urgent, due to divorce and earnings!": A witty advertisement for an apartment in Skopje made everyone who read it laugh

Photo: imoti247.com

An advertisement for the sale of an apartment in Skopje is shared on social networks, in which the seller states that he is selling the apartment "cheaply and urgently" "due to a divorce and going abroad to work".

"I am selling it complete with all the items inside that are shown in the pictures!!! Without agencies... and agency commissions... urgently due to divorce and going abroad to work...", writes the advertiser.

Photo: imoti247.com

Most of the comments are positive, and it seems that the ad made everyone who read the absolutely hilarious, incredibly detailed description of the apartment laugh. There are those who believe that this honest approach will help the apartment sell faster, and there are also comments that the story of the divorce and going abroad may not be true, but made up precisely to speed up the sale.

That honesty and immediacy are authentic is also felt in the thorough description of the apartment and its strengths and weaknesses, in which the advertiser, in an interesting and graphic style, "bursts" and "in one breath" explains to potential buyers what they can expect:

Photo: Screenshot

Regardless of whether the reasons for selling the apartment are real or fictitious, the advertiser must be given credit for his wit.

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