The European Front will fight with all its might not to go into opposition - they do not rule out the possibility of protests

The coalition led by DUI, European Front does not exclude any of the democratic ways to save themselves from the opposition, that is, to fight to the end to be part of the government coalition. Although the negotiations for a Government between VMRO-DPMNE and "Vredi" are ongoing, DUI still believes that this ratio is not right for forming a Government, that is, the winner must form a coalition with the winner.

Skender Redzepi Zaidi says that there are democratic mechanisms to prevent them. He does not exclude the possibility of protests in the streets.

"The European Front is not even thinking about remaining in the opposition. Not that we have complexes to remain in opposition, but the fact is that legitimacy begins and springs from the people. If the people give you their vote, then you should represent them in all state institutions", says Skender Redzepi-Zeidi, reports TV 21. Asked how they will fight, whether through protests, he said that there are more democratic ways to express the revolt , but also to prove the will of the citizens.


The working groups of VMRO-DPMNE and VREDI continued today the negotiations for the formation of a new Government, i.e. harmonization of programs and division of departments. The president of BESA, from the VREDI coalition, Biljal Kasami, says that they are on the right track and talk about a serious government.

"Talks continue, we are on the right track and for the sake of correctness we agreed that when we have a final agreement we will go out together and present it to the public. I would not like to go into details, but we are on the right track and we have correct communication in the direction of the division of responsibilities. What is important to emphasize is that we are talking about an ambitious government that will consider quality representation in various departments. A lot of time has been lost before with poor quality staff. We demand that all departments have professional staff", says Biljal Kasami.

Otherwise, there will be a re-voting in the fifth and sixth electoral units on Wednesday, and if the results come out different, the powers in the Assembly can be redistributed.

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