"European Front" will appeal the decisions made on the objections

Photo: European Front

Elmi Aziri from "European Front" informs at today's press conference that she will appeal to the Administrative Court the decisions made regarding the objections concerning the Fifth and Sixth electoral units.

- We inform you that we have already alerted all competent institutions and the international factor because we have accurate information that party instructions were given to the members of the State Election Commission from their headquarters on Friday through political pressure. We emphasize that these actions constitute criminal acts and the "European Front" will take all necessary measures and use all democratic forms to protect the free voice of citizens. In that regard, we inform you that immediately after the decision is made, we will appeal the same to the Administrative Court, said Aziri.

SEC accepted seven objections, six in Constituency 5 and one in Constituency 6

Aziri believes that the decision made to re-vote some polling stations in the Fifth and Sixth Constituencies is unfair and with over-voting as in the time of unanimity.

The "European Front" appeals to the institutions to act according to the law without accepting pressure from political parties. They call on the international community to monitor the situation vigilantly because, as Aziri said, the captured state, overvoting and ethnic majorization are being reinstated.


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