Europe has the highest growth rate of cyber attacks in the world

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The largest increase in the spread of cyber attacks in the world in 2021 is registered in Europe (68 percent) and North America (61%), says the report of the Israeli cyber security provider Check Point.

Cyber-attacks in the most widespread region, Africa, increased by only 13 percent year-on-year, despite nearly 1.600 attacks per week - almost three times the US / European average.

The Asia-Pacific region suffered approximately 1.350 attacks per week, up 25 percent year-on-year, and South America nearly 1.120 attacks per week, up 38 percent.

Different countries and industries suffer from cyber attacks at different rates, with Check Point reviewing data from 16 industries and nearly 100 countries.

Education / research is most affected, followed by governments / military, communications companies and ISPs - all of which have increased cyber attacks by at least 47%. The industry sector with the biggest jump in attacks is that of software vendors, where cyber attacks increased by 146 percent.

Check Poin is a multinational supplier of IT security products. The company has approximately 5.400 employees worldwide

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