Europe hoped for oil from Kazakhstan, but Russia closed the gas pipeline!

Oil / Photo: Free Press Archive

Russia has blocked all export routes of Kazakh oil

The court of Novorossiysk has suspended the Caspian Gas Pipeline Consortium (CPP) for 30 days for violating environmental laws.

The transit of oil from Kazakhstan to Europe has also been stopped. Kazakhstan's main oil export route accounts for more than 80% of the volume pumped through the pipeline (67 million tons of oil per year).

Von der Leyen: The EU is preparing an emergency survival plan without Russian gas

Kazakhstan has large oil reserves, but is landlocked, except for the Caspian Sea. Oil is exported from Kazakhstan through the Black Sea terminal. Russia and Kazakhstan have recently been at odds over the war in Ukraine.

Recently, Kazakh President Tokayev promised the European Council that he would be happy to help the EU stabilize its energy market by providing sufficient quantities of oil and gas.

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