Eurofarm Pelister conceded in the second half for their fourth defeat in the Europa League

Photo: RC Europharm Pelister

The Eurofarm Pelister team suffered their fourth defeat in the EHF European League tonight after they were defeated by Skanderborg Aarhus on the away field with 24:22.

This was a match in which the Bitola team showed two different faces. In the first part, the chosen ones of Lars Walter they played great, but in the second half the Danes showed quality and won.

At the start of the match, Eurofarm Pelister played quickly and efficiently, led by Tankovski Radovic и Henneberg. First "Pelisterci" took the lead with 2:4, then they led with 4:6, and the home team equalized at 7:7. The Macedonian representative had a fantastic goal Urban Lesjak who recorded as many as ten saves in the first 30 minutes.

Eurofarm Pelister will look for the reason for the defeat in the game in the second half. They didn't score a goal for seven whole minutes, and the Danish team knew how to use it, and in the continuation they "unstuck" at 21:14, so it was already clear who was going to celebrate. Until the end, the people of Bitola only managed to mitigate the defeat.

Peshevski и Radovi. with four goals each they were the most effective at Eurofarm Pelister, Lesjak finished the match with 12 saves, Kizic collected five. Baling on the other hand, he scored seven.

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