"Eurimag" with support for a film project by director Dina Duma

Dina Duma / Photography: Aris Ramos

The pan-European film fund "Eurimag" at the 170th session, which was the last for this year, supported the film project "Skateboarding is not for girls" by the director Dina Duma with the amount of 350.000 euros.

It is a co-production between the Macedonian producer "Sisters and Brother Mitevski", "Entre Chien Lup Scrl" from Belgium and "Vertigo / Terminal 3" from Slovenia, explains Tanja Ěurčinska Pepeljugoska, national representative in "Eurimag".

In the November session, out of a total of 99 evaluated projects, only 29 received financial support from "Eurimag".

- In this kind of competition, the project "Skateboarding is not for girls" was rated excellent and ranked high in the 3rd place on the list in its group. The comments about the project were positive and optimistic: "...a young and talented director who should be supported; the scenario is interesting, it introduces modern elements into a conservative Roma community in the Balkans; a serious production team..." - points out Ěurčinska Pepeljugoska.

North Macedonia has been a member of "Eurimag" since 2003 and ends this jubilee year with support of a total of 775.000 euros awarded to the projects "DJ Ahmet" by Georgi Unkovski in the 168th session, "Man vs. flock" by Tamara Kotevska in the 169th that session and "Skateboarding is not for girls" by Dina Duma in the 170th session.

- I expect that in 2-2,5 years we will have the opportunity to see these films on the big screen, especially due to the fact that the foreign co-production partners are secured, and thus the financing from their national funds. I hope that our Film Agency will also make an effort not to repeat this year, in which for the first 10 months we did not have a single shooting day, and that our production will be much more intense next year - adds Kyurchinska Pepeljugoska.

The European fund for co-production and distribution of creative cinematographic and audiovisual works - "Eurimag" since its establishment in 1989 has supported 2.438 co-production projects with a total budget of around 710 million euros.

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