The EU has introduced tariffs on the import of Chinese electric vehicles

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China expresses strong dissatisfaction and opposes the EU's plan to introduce temporary tariffs on imports of Chinese electric vehicles - the Chinese Ministry of Commerce said, noting that the EU's move ignored the facts and rules of the World Trade Organization (WTO), politicizing economic and trade questions.

"China appeals to the EU to immediately correct its bad moves, implement the important consensus reached at the recent China-France-EU trilateral meeting, and resolve economic and trade disagreements through dialogue," a Commerce Ministry spokesman said.

He said China will take all necessary measures to defend the legitimate rights and interests of Chinese enterprises. The spokesperson of the Chinese ministry emphasized that the EU has ignored China's constant strong objections, as well as the appeals of the governments and industry in the member states of the Union, reported Xinhua.

The spokesman said that China is deeply concerned about this development.

"The findings of the European side have neither factual nor legal basis. The European Commission has ignored the fact that the advantages of China's electric vehicle industry come from openness and competitiveness. "The European Commission also ignored WTO rules and did not acknowledge the full cooperation of the relevant Chinese companies during the investigation," the spokesperson points out.

In his words, the EC, arbitrarily creating and exaggerating China's subsidy allocations, as well as abusing "available facts", ruled that China was offering subsidies at excessively high levels.

"Such action is blatant protectionism that will create and escalate trade relations," the spokesman said, noting that the move not only undermines the legitimate rights and interests of China's electric vehicle industry, but also disrupts the global auto industry and supply chains. supply, including those in the EU.

The spokesperson pointed out that this way violates the agreements reached by the leaders of China and EU countries to strengthen cooperation.

"It has a detrimental effect on the interests of EU consumers and will ultimately undermine the overall progress of the EU's green transition and global cooperation in the fight against climate change," the spokesman said.

The EC notified Chinese electric vehicle manufacturers on Wednesday of additional tariffs on their products that will take effect early next month. As stated in the announcement, BYD (BYD) cars will be subject to a customs duty of 17,4 percent, Geely 20 percent, and SAIC (SAIC) 38,1 percent in the future.

Other Chinese carmakers will pay tariffs of 21 percent, while companies that have not cooperated in the EU's subsidy cooperation face a 38,1 percent tariff. Until now, import duties on Chinese electric cars were 10 percent.

China could retaliate with EU measures in agriculture, aviation and the auto industry, and Beijing has already launched an investigation into some types of European alcoholic beverages.

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