EU with milder requirements for Euro 7 standards

Photo: MIA

The proposal for a regulation with new rules to reduce the emissions of new motor vehicles in the EU, called Euro 7, will replace the Euro 6 standard. The rules will not depend on the technology and will be the same for all vehicles, regardless of whether they are powered by petrol, diesel, electricity, but alternative fuels.

In its position on the Euro 7 standard for reducing emissions from motor vehicles, proposed by the European Commission, the EU has maintained the existing emission limit values ​​for light vehicles, while proposing lower emission limit values ​​for heavy vehicles and making several adjustments to the test conditions. , announced H1 Slovenia.

In its proposal, the Council of the EU also strengthens the harmonization of the limit values ​​of emissions of dangerous solid particles and microplastics, which are created during the use of tires, as well as the limit values ​​of the level of tire wear with international standards. adopted by the UN Economic Commission for Europe. The EU Council's proposal also takes into account the new EU target for all new local buses to be emission-free by 2030. It also establishes deadlines for the adoption of implementing acts, which would ensure transparency and legal certainty for business entities.

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