The EU calls on Kosovo to immediately stop police operations in the north


The European Union expects Kosovo to immediately end police operations near municipal buildings in northern Kosovo and warns that the consequences of failure to calm the situation will be negative. The EU is also ready to implement decisive measures, the 27 EU member states said in a statement.

- We expect Kosovo to act in a way that will not escalate and immediately stop police operations near the municipal buildings in the north of Kosovo, the statement said.

It adds that the newly elected mayors should temporarily perform their duties in other premises outside the municipal buildings, and that early elections should be called as soon as possible.

- We expect the participation of Kosovo Serbs in these elections, according to the statement that EU spokesperson Peter Stano published on Twitter.

Early elections should be called as soon as possible in all four municipalities, the EU states and adds that it expects Kosovo Serbs to participate in those elections.

The EU expresses concern mainly about the combat readiness of the Serbian army and expects Kosovo and Serbia to behave responsibly and immediately turn to the dialogue mediated by the Union, which guarantees safety, security and participatory democracy for all citizens, while at the same time opening the way for the implementation of the Normalization Agreement and its annex. It includes the start of work on the establishment of the Community of Serbian Municipalities (CMU) without further delay or preconditions.

"We call on both Kosovo and Serbia to immediately and unconditionally take de-escalation measures, to stop using the rhetoric of division and to refrain from any further uncoordinated measures. "Peace needs to be restored urgently," the announcement states.

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