The EU expects Pristina and Belgrade to prevent an escalation of the situation in northern Kosovo

Peter Stano / Photo: Dursun Aydemir / AFP / Profimedia

The European Union expects the Kosovo authorities to take measures to de-escalate the situation in northern Kosovo, but at the same time it expects the same from the Serbian side, said the chief spokesperson of the European Commission for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Peter Stano.

- Both sides have obligations and duty to do everything they can together with their allies, satellites and partners to prevent any form of escalation, Stano pointed out in response to a journalist's question about the EU's position regarding the seizure of weapons and Serbian uniforms by the Kosovo Police in the northern part of Kosovo.

Stano emphasized that if the EU sees a further escalation, then it will not stop at verbal statements, but will also take concrete measures to prevent the constant cycle of escalation of tensions and to force Belgrade and Pristina to return to dialogue and work on implementation of the agreements reached.

- The EU is concerned about the situation in northern Kosovo, because in the recent period, for months and months, we have been seeing unilateral, uncoordinated actions, which lead to the escalation of the situation. The constant escalation is the reason why the EU introduced restrictive measures towards Kosovo, Stano added.

Asked when we can expect the report of the high representative of the EU for foreign policy and security, Josep Borel, on the situation in Kosovo, after which a possible decision would be made to lift these Union sanctions against Pristina, Stano said that for the time being he would not like to speculate with some time frames.

– The High Representative will deliver the report to the Member States and the Member States will be the first to know when it happens and what it contains. That has not happened yet, Stano said, reminding that Borel is preparing the report exactly at the request of the EU Council.

According to Stano, when the report is submitted to the Council, it will make an appropriate decision, after which the Kosovo authorities will be informed about the content of the document and the adopted decisions.

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